Hello, my name is Cheryl and I am an undergraduate from the National University if Singapore and this blog is created as part of an assessment. We are to select a topic relating to the environment and the choice is entirely up to us. After a very long time of consideration between the many interesting environmental topics, I have decided on a general blog on human and wildlife interaction.

The assessment ended as of 30th Oct 2014. However, this blog will not simply die. Rather, I no longer feel the need to impress with my posts, not that they were very impressive anyway. After all, I am a ‘kiasu’ Singaporean. But from now on, expect very opinionated and sporadic posts (basically more running thoughts and less article reviews). This being my first ever blog (yes, my first blog in 19 years), I hope to keep it going as long as possible. I know that barely anyone (like 2-3 people) reads this blog (it is great that wordpress gives view stats), but I see this as a good thing. I hate being wrong so starting out with barely any views really helps with my confidence as I can be as opinionated as I want. So, if you are a stranger reading this, well, hello there.



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