Captive: Zoochosis (1)

There is a lot of controversy surrounding zoos. On one hand, they could provide education and entertainment, care for animals and contribute to animal conservation such as rescuing animals. On the other hand, zoos are artificial environments which may be unable to provide the stimulus and choices found in the animal’s natural habitat, leading to animal welfare and ethical issues. Human welfare is also an issue when humans are in close proximity to the animals. To cover all of these issues would probably require a huge number of posts so I would be starting off with animal welfare.

Animal welfare in zoos itself has many different aspects so for this short post I would be giving a little introduction on zoochosis or stereotypical behavior displayed by animals in zoos.

You would have pretty much understood what zoochosis is after that video: zoo + psychosis. You might simply think that because the animal was kept in an environment different from their natural habitat, it would get bored or stressed and therefore display stereotypical behaviors but there is so much more depth in this issue. The following video is a trailer to a short documentary which I hope to cover in the next post.

This post is just a heads-up that i would be doing some zoo related posts among other topics as well. Zoos are a significant platform where animals and humans are in close proximity and there will be impacts on both sides. I hope to uncover these impacts and this topic would help me on my search to find, if it exists, the perfect distance between nature and humans.


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